ethan + gina.

I was finally able to finish up these photos of some of my favorite people! Ethan is my brother-in-law and he and Gina are getting married next summer! I have to admit I'm missing my old house a little bit after looking through these photos which were taken in my yard. I guess it was a fair trade off to live right next to the mountains though!
 When Ethan and Gina got to my house for these photos, it started pouring rain. We were so bummed but decided to go for it anyway and miraculously the rain stopped for the most part
I am so happy with how these photos turned out. Gina's dress is adorable and I love seeing the sweet  relationship that these two have come out in these photos!
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I am so excited to share these photos of Ella and her parents! Ella is the niece of my best friend from childhood so it was so neat to be able to photograph her. :) Not to mention that she is an absolute doll. I've been super lucky with babies letting me photograph them, but Ella definitely takes the cake! We all could not believe how cooperative she was!
 Most of these portraits were taken at the very beginning of the shoot, and they are my favorites. :)
A gorgeous little red haired girl, an antique rocking chair and a picture perfect grassy spot under the shade trees?? Yes please!
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